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Empowering Women.

Raising Tribes.

Changing Lives.

Discover How to Easily Enroll the RIGHT People on Your Team to Accelerate Your Business

Prioritize time for your family AND your business.

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About Christen!

After seven years of building my business the 'hard' way (classes, parties, in-person vendor events, and more), I needed someone to help me figure out online influence marketing to meet new people. But I could not find anyone with a step-by-step plan. Instead of just a “Raw, Raw, Raw” you can do it plan!


I was tired of just hiring cheerleaders and

mindset coaches!  I finally landed on an

influence marketing training that enabled me to develop a step-by-step plan to help others build their business online using influence marketing techniques that are simple and easy to follow!


You WILL need to do the work, but you will

NOT need to reinvent the wheel! 

You WILL see success if you do the work!


FREE 3 Step Guide

Learn how to prioritize time for your family and your business.


3 Step Formula $27

 Stop Spamming and Attract the RIGHT People


Ultimate Guide $189

7 video series giving you all the tips and ideas to get started growing your influence online today! (Plus a free zoom call with Christen to answer any questions that may come up.)


Work Directly With Me

Want to Personally Work with Me and my Team?


What Others Are Saying!

"I’m so glad I clicked on Christen’s link! She shares such great tactics that will help you build your business around your family and increase your influence so you can actually enroll more. When I started implementing these steps in my business, I had less stress in my life and was able to enroll people without any rejection."

Corissa K., Influence Marketer


"When I was starting out, I did not know where to begin. There are so many things to learn and SO MANY PLATFORMS?! I really struggled with where to start! Christen was patient and taught me simple techniques so that I was able to apply them from day one."

Shannon A., Network Marketer

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